Hajuton navetta?

February 13, 2018

Kyyttö Rouva Lumme tunnelmoi pahnojaan. Biohiilen levityksen jälkeen tilasta hävisi navetalle ominainen haju. Biohiili toimii kosteuden ja hajujen sitojana erinomaisesti. Kaupanpäälle hiili sitoo ravinteita ja kasvihuonekaasuja, sekä tehostaa kompostoitumista. Biohiili on syötynä täysin turvallista eläimelle, jopa hyödyllistä*. Me ihmisetkin käytämme ajoittain aktiivihiili valmisteita.


*Kuvan alla lisätietoa tästä ja linkki artikkeliin.



"Practical use of biochar in feeding cattle

21 farm managers, each with an average herd of 150 cows, gave their impressions of the effects they had observed during and after the administration of biochar. It should be noted that biochar administered as treatment for dysbiosis was concomitantly supported in about 1/3 of the farms by sauerkraut brine (acetylcholine, lactobacilli, enterococci, B-vitamins, vitamin C).
Observations of initial effects (1 – 4 weeks after starting biochar administration):

• Generally improved health and appearance
• Improved vitality
• Improved udder health
• Decreased cell counts in the milk (interrupting the administration of biochar leads to higher cell counts and a drop in performance)
• Minimisation of hoof problems
• Stabilisation of post-partum health
• Reduced diarrhoea within 1-2 days, faeces subsequently generally more solid
• Decline in the mortality rate
• Increase in milk protein and/or fat
• Combining biochar and sauerkraut brine has proved worthwhile
• Marked improvement of slurry viscosity, with less stirring needed and less scum on the surface
• Slurry not smelling as bad as it used to

Preliminary tests on the slurry show that adding biochar via the gastrointestinal tract or via direct application:

• Increased ammonium nitrogen
• Reduced nitrate and nitrite"



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