Carbofex Biochar is pure and of high quality. It clears by large marginal all limit values designated to biochar. It is approved for ORGANIC food production and produced of PEFC certified feed stock.

Carbofex is the only EBC-certified biochar producer in northern Europe. This means that feed stock and the production is sustainable and the biochar is of high quality.

Biochar natural is multi purpose biochar product, it is treated only with water, it contains no additives and is free of chemicals. Carbofex biochar has large surface area of +550 m3/g, high carbon content 95% and pyrolysis temperature of ~600C.​

Biochar natural is a vegetal carbon and is suitable for: substrate, soil improvement, compost- and dry toilet additive. It is EU-approved for animal feed additive and for stall-, cattle shed-, piggery-, henhouse floor desiccator additive and gas/odour management.


Volume 1,75 m3, price for m3 260 € +vat. bag 9 €, pallet 6 €. Delivery not included.

Offer valid for limited time period.



Benefits of biochar substrate and soil additive

  • High drainage ability. Permits gas exchange to and from roots and air holding capacity, adds porosity

  • Water holding ability, practically absorbs water it’s volume

  • Nutrient holding capacity, reduces nutrient leaching

  • High cation exchange capacity

  • Does not compact when wet

  • Can be used as additive for peat for balancing PH, enhancing aeration and resisting compaction when wet.

  • Can be used as replacement for peat, perlite, vermiculite, rockwool

  • pH ~10, easily adjusted

  • Very light weight when dry, easy handling. Delivered at ~50% moisture, 200 kg/m3

  • Accommodates soil microbial communities and mycorrhizal fungi which have disease suppressing and plant growth enhancing qualities.

  • Tests show positive effects in saline soil conditions

  • Mineralised carbon, does not compost

  • Easily recyclable, it is still a valuable product after greenhouse cycle. Can be used in other agri/horticultural applications.

  • Non toxic, chemical free

  • Produced from renewable biomass

  • Produced at 600C, sterile

  • High surface area +550 m3/g

  • 50% 0-4mm, 40% 5-10mm, 10% +10mm

Environmentally positive, carbon dioxide negative.





We offer a special grade of biochar to the agricultural industry and for filtering applications.

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